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Before surrendering your pet to the Animal Shelter, please consider the following: 

Resources for pet owners during COVID-19:  https://redrover.org/2020/03/23/coronavirus-covid19/

If you want to keep your pet but are unable to due to financial, personal health, new baby, moving, military deployment, crises,  or domestic violence issues, please visit http://www.keepyourpet.com/,  https://redrover.org/ for resources that may be available to you, tips and ideas for keeping your pet despite life disruption and hardships. 

Additional domestic violence specific resources: https://safeplaceforpets.org/ , https://awionline.org/

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Surrendering a pet is never an easy decision, there are many reasons families may have to give up a pet. However, sometimes there are alternatives that would fit both humans and animals better.

Try re-homing your pet:


If you are surrendering for behavioral reasons, Kelley Bollen - behaviorist and shelter supporter has graciously provided some reading material and resources. Find those here 

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If you are unable to find a home for your pet, and you have made the tough decision to surrender to the Hayward Animal Shelter, you must call the shelter at 510.293.7200 first. There may be a waiting list that requires at least 3 weeks before an animal can be brought in. Animal Services will accept owner-surrendered animals from incorporated City of Hayward residents ONLY. To surrender your animal you must be at least 18 years of age, provide a current driver's license, and provide proof that you own the animal you are surrendering. 

After a four (4) day minimum hold, your pet may be put up for adoption, transferred to another adoption facility or rescue group, or humanely euthanized.


  • $87 fee for each adult animal;

  • For an adult animal with a litter under 10 weeks old, the fee is $87 for the adult and $13 per additional animal in the litter.


If your pet needs to be euthanized, please contact your local veterinarian or reach out to Peninsula Humane Society.