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Working cat program 

Working Cats – For Hire


What do Working cats, Barn cats and Garden cats all have in common? They are all cats that prefer not to engage socially with humans. Sometimes described as feral or semi-feral, these cats missed out on the critical human interaction needed by 2-3 months of age, and therefore have not been domesticated. Without this interaction, kittens start becoming fearful of people and the older they become, the less friendly they tend to be. Sometimes people find kittens around 2-3 months of age and try to domesticate them with varying results; cats will tolerate people to an extent but may never be lap cats. These cats are not dangerous, they are just misunderstood.


Cats have high prey drives in general and are an excellent solution for controlling rodent populations. Semi-feral and feral cats are more independent and often thrive in non-traditional settings such as barns, vineyards, gardens, workshops, or warehouses. That’s why they do great as Working Cats. Consider them organic pest control.


It is still important to understand that while they can help with pest control on your property, they still need to be provided with food, water, shelter, and medical care when necessary. Working cats need to be provided with safe outdoor spaces in which to live out their natural lives.


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